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I’ll be honest:

My introverted little heart cannot do all the email. 😬😬😬

This is why I have an awesome team at the ready to support you. (It’s also why when family & friends email me baby pics or dinner plans, they neeeeever hear back, oopsie!)

You can expect the team to get back to you pretty quickly under most circumstances (24-48 hours, not including weekends #boundaries #worklifebalance).

If you are requesting my participation in something, it can take a little longer for us to evaluate the opportunity. Thank you so much for treating my team with patience & kindness.

Before you reach out, please look and see if we can answer your question right now with no waiting: πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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Want to interview me for your podcast or telesummit?

Thank you for thinking of me – I love doing interviews. 😊

Please read through the following before deciding to reach out:

βœ… I have an audience of mostly beginner, non-techie, and/or struggling solopreneurs who are trying to DIY a simple, successful online business and I’m usually only interested in an interview that serves those same people.

βœ… Some things I love to talk about: techie stuff, online business strategy, email list building, visibility tactics & selling skills for entrepreneurs who hate selling. Please don’t request an interview for a topic that’s way outside that box – it usually doesn’t work out for either one of us.

βœ… I do not participate in interviews where my lead magnet will not be made available for the entire duration of the event. For a podcast, my lead magnet should be in the show notes.

βœ… My promotional calendar usually only has space for social media promo (not email), unless you (the host) have a decent email list size yourself or a plan in place to help your interviewees get at least 200 opt-ins each.

βœ… Not sure how to ensure the success of your telesummit? My goal for newbie telesummit hosts with zero email list is 1,000+ subscribers from your very first event AND have it be a money-maker for you, even if you’re not “techie”…

Check out my free telesummit course & deeper-dive paid course for how to DIY your list-building telesummit on a budget:

https://freetelesummitcourse.kathryncalhouncoaching.com (coming soon)

Want me to participate in your giveaway?
Giveaways are my favorite way to build an email list for free! I host one every year and have gotten tens of thousands of subscribers that way. Good for you for doing one too! πŸ’ͺ

I get appx. a bajillion giveaway requests every year, so…

If your business is at a similar stage/has similar reach as mine, please reach out about your giveaway opportunity.

If you are just getting going with your list building, that’s awesome! Please read on…

I only participate in 1 or 2 giveaways a year (other than my own).

Here’s what you need to know about how I choose which giveaways I’ll participate in:

➑️ I don’t do giveaways where gift organization is “first come, first served,” left up to the web designer, or by categories. Also, if my gift will never be near the top of the page, it’s a no.

➑️ I don’t do giveaways where the caliber of branding or the target audience is a mismatch with my own.

➑️ I don’t do giveaways with a no-sell window AFTER the close of your event (unless you are expecting your event will generate a crazy – like, crazy – amount of new leads for me).

➑️ I don’t do giveaways where I’ll be the only person there with an email list greater than 5,000 people (mine is currently 3x that), unless you would like me included as a “bonus contributor” with no promotional requirement other than social media.

If you’d like to learn more about our industry-disrupting course on how to DIY a low-tech giveaway that gets you at least 1,000 new subscribers AND is a massive money-maker for you, get on the waitlist for Giveaway Bootcamp (only opens once a year):


Want to learn how to get into other people’s giveaways, even if you don’t meet their requirements?


Want me to speak at your event?

I appreciate you thinking of me! If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please use the form below to let me know:

– Event topic & target audience
– Estimated attendee count
– Your email list size
– Any promotional requirements
– Dates & anything else I need to know

Some things about me:

βœ… I have an audience of mostly beginner, non-techie, and/or struggling solopreneurs who are trying to DIY a simple, successful online business and it usually only makes sense for me to speak at an event that serves those same people.

βœ… I love to talk about: techie stuff made simple, online business strategy, email list building, visibility tactics & selling skills for entrepreneurs who hate selling. Please don’t request a topic that’s way outside that box – it usually doesn’t work out for either one of us.

βœ… I prefer a speaking slot of 60-90 minutes with the ability to make a paid offer (with revenue share). I am open to shorter stage time & lead-magnet-only offers if you anticipate a large audience.

βœ… If you are inquiring about having me as a keynote speaker (with no offers, free or paid), my fees start at $5,000 plus all travel-related expenses.

See my speaking page for more. (coming soon)

Looking for your course login?

The link for most courses is:


You can also reset your password there if needed.

Feel free to reach out if that doesn’t work!

Current client with a customer service question?

Current clients, please use the form below for customer service questions only.

If you’re looking for your login or to reset your password, please go to:


Please do not use the form below for coaching questions – I don’t read emails!

Want to say 'hi' or share a win?

You rock! Join my free “Techie Stuff Clubhouse” Facebook Group to leave a comment:


If you want to submit a testimonial for the chance to get a shout-out from me in my marketing, here’s the form for that:


Please note I have a personal policy not to read fan email or hate email & my team does not forward them on. If you have love to send, I’ll take good vibes! (If you have hate to send, just… don’t. The world needs more love right now. πŸ’–)

Want to get my advice or opinion on something?

I’m coaching my heart out inside of my Clarity Momentum Success Mastermind for solopreneurs on a budget – you should totally join! Details here:

https://kathryncalhouncoaching.com/workshop (seasonal enrollment only)

If you are not a Clarity Momentum Success member, I encourage you to join my free Facebook Group to ask your coaching question:


If you ARE a Clarity Momentum Success member, please use our private Facebook Group for your questions.

Want to send me a gift?
I so appreciate your kindness, but I do not accept gifts. Here are some things you can do instead:

(1) Send me a testimonial:


(2) Channel that amazing heart of yours into a charity of your choice. Some charities I actively support are:

Village Impact

Black Lives Matter
In the USA: https://blacklivesmatter.com
In Canada: https://blacklivesmatter.ca
In the UK: https://blacklivesmatter.uk

The Salvation Army

Looking for free training?
Want me as your mentor?

Yay! While I do not do private coaching, except occasionally for members of my Clarity Momentum Success Mastermind (CMS for short), there are lots of ways we can work together.

If you’d like my help DIYing your simple, successful online business, on a budget, even if you’re not tech-savvy, I highly recommend CMS membership.

Learn more about what CMS is and how you can join here:

https://kathryncalhouncoaching.com/workshop (seasonal enrollment)

All my courses & products, including CMS, focus on the 3 non-negotiables of your online business success:

πŸ€“ Simple Tech
πŸ’° Stress-Free Selling
πŸ‘οΈ Eyeballs on Your Offers

See my current products & courses here.

Any pre-purchase questions can be asked via the comment form.

Please look for your question above, then fill out the form to get in touch: