“How Do I Get More Traffic to My Website?” ⬅ wrong question


Hiya fellow online entrepreneur… do you ask yourself this question?

If you are finding yourself wondering, “How do I get more traffic to my website?” then please take 3 minutes out of your day to read this little post I have for you… because it’s very, very likely you are asking yourself the wrong question.

Worse yet, pursuing the ANSWER to this question can actually postpone your growth and success as an online entrepreneur.

When you’re asking yourself about how to get more traffic to your website, it’s usually because:

  1. You have a website for your business (that you may or may not have spent a crapload of time and/or money on).
  2. You were expecting a Field of Dreams “if they build it, they will come” situation where you hang up your online shingle, so to speak, and then your clients start flocking to you… but it isn’t happening.
  3. If the key to your online success is NOT a highly visible website, well, then you just don’t know what is.

I totally understand where this question comes from. It’s logical, isn’t it? Being an online entrepreneur means (obviously) that you have a business that lives online, at least in part… so what’s the first thing you think you need?

Not business cards or a Yellow Pages listing.

You need a website… right?


Why “How Do I Get More Traffic to My Website” Is the Wrong Question

Okay, okay… it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that you are reading this article about how to get more traffic to your website and how that’s the wrong question on – yes! – my website.

Websites aren’t bad or anything. Websites are great! I love my website! (I made it myself. 🙂 )

It’s just that websites are not the critical piece of your success as an online entrepreneur.

When we aren’t seeing the results or success that we want, our knee-jerk reaction often has something to do with our websites…

But the thing is, it’s not actually a better website that we’re after… it’s the result of what we think a better website will bring us

(More clients, more money, more sales, etc.)

It’s important that you get this distinction and let it soak in because, if you don’t, you can wind up spinning in circles for a long time, without much to show for it. A fabulous website, all by itself, will ALMOST NEVER result in a successful business for you.

I know that might sound scary, but I actually want you to look at this as very, very good news because of 3 important reasons:

  1. If your website isn’t “pretty enough,” you don’t have to worry about getting it fixed up in order to succeed at getting clients.
  2. If you don’t even have a website yet, it’s totally fine! You don’t need to invest your limited time, money and energy getting one up there before you can start marketing yourself.
  3. You can safely ignore your website (for now at least) and start focusing your time and energy on things that actually WILL bring you clients, customers, and revenue.

Stop Wondering How to Get More Traffic to Your Website & Start Thinking “How Can I Find More of My People?”

It’s a deceptively simple question, but make no mistake: The answer to this question is THE key to success as an online entrepreneur.

Not a cooler website.

(Also not a fancy webinar, online course, launch, or challenge… click here for a whole separate rant on that. 😉 )

The only thing you need to succeed online is the ability to say what you do in front of as many of your perfect people as possible.

That’s it.

You can do that online OR offline, be it social media, interviews, speaking gigs, telesummits, joint ventures, networking events…

…And sure, a website can help with that, too, but not all by itself.

Here is the missing piece for any and all of your marketing efforts, if they are not succeeding the way you want them to:

Email list building.

As someone who’s trying to grow their business online, you’ve probably heard of email marketing so much that it may feel like I’m beating a dead horse, here.


I’m not, I promise!

Growing an email list and then being able to market to those people is the single best way to sell your stuff online – not social media, not your website, just your email list. If you want to geek out on the statistics, there’s an awesome article all about them from OptinMonster right here… but in a nutshell, here are a few things you need to know:

  • 91% of people check their email daily
  • 79% of emails are organically found by your people in their inboxes (vs. say, Facebook, where posts get less than 6% reach for most niches, or Google, which is obviously an infinitesimally small percentage)
  • 66% of email users have made a purchase as a result of email marketing messages they received

So the key really is simply this:

Get yourself in front of more of your people and then gather them together on an email list so that you can market to them as a group.

(There, I’ve just spilled the secret of the universe. 🙂 )

So How Do I Actually Grow an Email List Then?

Dingdingding!! Nooooooooow you’re asking the right question, my friend!

Good news: Growing an email list can be really easy when you have the right techie tools.

And by “right” I mean simple, affordable, easy-to-use techie tools that play well together and don’t cause you to throw your computer at the wall while trying to set them up or use them for the benefit of your business.

More good news: I’m hosting a completely free masterclass on this exact topic in just a few days and I would love to have you join me:

The masterclass is called The Only 3 Techie Tools You Need to Get Up, Running & Profitable Online and I’ll be covering:

  • The #1 most crucial (but counterintuitive) step for getting up, running and profitable online
  • How to keep the techie stuff simple so you can run a real online business with no virtual assistant and zero techie overwhelm
  • The exact 5 steps I’ve used to start and monetize multiple online businesses, sometimes (but not always, haha) in as little as 1 week

See you there? Here’s the link to register:


I really hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you have, please do 2 things for me: (1) leave a comment below and (2) share this post with 1 or 2 people you think would really benefit. Thank you!

I appreciate you,



  1. Cynthia

    Great post and the best sentence, “The only thing you need to succeed online is the ability to say what you do in front of as many of your perfect people as possible.”

  2. Robin Tramble @empowermentdiva

    Great post. Your headline caught my attention. It’s so true. There are many coaches, entrepreneurs etc. asking the same question. Even if it were the right question for the scenario they would want to get the right traffic and by that I mean targeted traffic. However, the better question is what you have stated.


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