Tiny Email List? Betcha You’re Forgetting This 1 Easy List Builder

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I’m excited to talk to you today because a lot of my clients come to me with what you may have heard as “list shame.”

You know what I’m talking about. Where someone says, “How big is your list?” and you feel your face get hot as you “ermmm” and “ummm” until you finally say the truth: It’s not nearly as big as you like.

Listen, you: we all start somewhere. You should be crazy proud of yourself for being willing to get out there with your stuff!

…Buuuuuut if you’re forgetting this one little thingy while you’re getting out there, that list is just going to stay eensy-weensy forever. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Got a small list? Download your 7-point List Builder Checklist right here.

Online entrepreneur, are you guilty of not making calls to action?

You know what I’m talking about:

  • Doing Facebook Lives and forgetting…
  • Gettin’ busy on Pinterest, Twitter, FB groups, LinkedIn, but not…
  • Attending networking events but never…
  • Giving interviews or doing speaking gigs but skipping…
  • Emailing or FB messaging with prospects but not…

…Having a Call. To. ACTION.

Ouch – this one physically makes my stomach do a little flip-flop. Because I know how hard it is to put yourself out there. And I know how exciting it is when a perfect prospect lands in your lap and you really want to help them and become their go-to mentor, coach, or expert.

And then (this is the stomach flip-flop part I was talking about) having that person not reply to you. Or the social media thread goes dead. Or they walk away with an “I’ll think about it” or “I have to talk to my husband first.”

Then they’re gone.

Siiiiiigh – that super sucks.

Enter the Call-to-Action: Your quick fix to stay in touch with perfect prospects

Here’s what a call-to-action is: It’s a thing where you invite people to take a next step with you. In this case, you invite people to join your email list. (Or, even better, invite them to grab your free gift, which then puts them on your email list.)

So let’s say you’re in direct sales selling cosmetics. You’re doing all kinds of Facebook Lives, you’re giving away all this great information, you’re being super helpful… but then what?

Are you hoping people will come back and watch you again sometime?

ORRRR do you have a built-in way for people to stay in touch with you over the long haul?

So let’s go back to the cosmetics example. You just did a kickass Facebook Live. Instead of just saying, “tune in tomorrow because I’m going to be sharing how to get rid of bags under your eyes even if you live with two little kids in the house” (I can’t think of anyone who needs that tutorial 😉 )… you can say something like this instead:

“If you found today’s video helpful, just click this link below and you’ll be signed up to get weekly tips and tricks from me – you won’t have to worry about missing any videos!”

Or, better yet…

“If you found today’s video helpful, I have a shopping list that shows you everything you need to recreate the look I shared with you today, plus a bonus tutorial video on how to XYZ. To grab that, click here, let me know your email address, and we’ll take care of the rest.”

Pretty awesome, right?

Trying to grow your list without making calls-to-action? That’s what they call “the hard way,” my friend.

Here’s the thing: If you’re trying to grow your list so you can get clients from the Internet (isn’t that the point?), you need a way to stay in touch with them over the long term. It’s not enough to just have a free gift but not be promoting it.

And Facebook won’t cut it because:

(a) Facebook may not be around forever (hard to believe I know – but look what happened to MySpace) and
(b) With Facebook you’re relying on people to take the initiative to come back to you time and again.

And just sending personal emails or FB messages won’t cut it because, again, you’re relying on prospects to come back to you.

Instead, you want to get proactive so that you are able to contact them, instead of waiting around for them to contact you.

That’s what list building is all about… It’s just relationship building in a more organized, efficient way.

Just to be clear: I’m not talking about plastering your link to join your email list all over the place.

What I AM talking about is making it easy for people to say “yes” to staying in touch with you so that your perfect people don’t keep falling through the cracks because you weren’t asking them to get on your email list.

The goal is not to be spammy and gross. The come-from is simply: “If what you saw/read/experienced today was helpful, here is how you can get more.”

Make sense?

Now, if you’d like my top 5 easy-peasy places to have your calls-to-action, I’ve created a little checklist resource for you. Facebook Lives are one example, but of course there are more places you could be putting your call to action (but probably haven’t yet).

You can implement most of what’s on this super-simple checklist in under half an hour. Once you’re done, you will have a tidy little network of calls-to-action to help meet people where they are and get them onto your email list… instead of having them go, “Hmm, that was cool” and then disappearing into the ether.

Got a small list? Download your 7-point List Builder Checklist right here. ← AKA 7 simple places to tuck in that call-to-action to actually grow your list

In the beginning, this is a really strong place to start. The idea here is to get that list-build boulder a good strong shove. Once it starts to roll, even a little bit, this is all going to get easier and easier and easier.

I really hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you have, please do 2 things for me: (1) leave a comment below and (2) share this post with 1 or 2 people you think would really benefit. Thank you!

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  1. Christine Rosas

    As always, down to earth, practical and doable! I really needed this reminder.


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