I have had a ton of people ask me: “Kathryn, how can I get testimonials? I haven’t had a real client yet!”

…Even worse, sometimes people will say, “I’m not ready to launch my program out to the world yet because I don’t have any testimonials to prove I’m worth the money.”

This makes me so sad because let me assure you, AMAZING testimonials are not months or even weeks away! You can have awesome testimonials to use in your business in just a day or two – or maybe even an HOUR or two.

Today’s video was all about how to get testimonials for your business, even if you haven’t served a single client yet.

(And PS – These are real testimonials, not ones you made up. Don’t use those please. Yuck.)

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Here’s the thing: It’s so so so important that you don’t wait until you have testimonials to launch your business or start trying to get clients.

Maybe that seems strange to you, but to me it seems downright crazy to wait until you have testimonials. I mean, how are you supposed to get any testimonials if you never launch your business??!?

Here are the biggest reasons people avoid asking for testimonials:

  • I’m worried they’ll say no.
  • I haven’t worked with anyone yet.
  • I’m not sure that person thought I did a good job.
  • I don’t want to bother anybody.

If I am describing you at all, I strongly suggest you watch the video above!

…Because you CAN get testimonials, even if you haven’t worked with any “real” clients yet. You just need to ask yourself:

  • Have I ever helped any clients in the past with something similar I’ve done?
  • Did I use the skills I’m teaching now in the past to help someone?
  • Do I have any past clients?
  • Do I have any friends or family I have helped with my skill set?
  • Is there someone I know I could coach/advise who would be willing to provide me with a testimonial?

Then, just make a list of the people you’ve helped or would like to help, and start reaching out.

And I want you to pay special attention to that 5th bullet point up there…

Do you know someone who could benefit from your expertise? They don’t have to take your whole course. You can just coach them for free for an hour or two and then follow up asking for a testimonial. Easy as that.

If you are diligent about doing this you could have your testimonials together in just half a day or so, ready to go and put up on your website, in your marketing materials, and wherever else your brilliant heart desires. 🙂

Now, here’s the catch: There are good testimonials and bad testimonials… you want to make sure yours are the GOOD kind (of course!).

Here’s what a bad testimonial looks like:

“Kathryn was so great and professional. We would hire her again and gladly recommend her to our colleagues.”

Are you surprised that it’s bad? Well, it is. Why?

Because it’s all about me. Awesome testimonials should be all about the client. That’s because when prospective clients read our testimonials, we want them to see what’s possible for them, what’s possible if they were to be our client. What changes would they receive? How would things go from bad to better?

In other words, good testimonials are not about you, but about the person’s transformation by working with you.

And that’s super important, but it’s also just one of 5 important steps to getting amazing testimonials. If you’re ready for some next level stuff for getting great testimonials, even if you haven’t had a “real” client yet, grab this week’s download, “5 Things You Must Have for Killer Testimonials.”

Download “5 Things You Must Have for Killer Testimonials, Even Before You Have Your First Client” now.

I really hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you have, please spread the word. 🙂

I appreciate you,