Waiting for a “Yes” or “No” from a prospect? Let’s try option C instead.

You know, whenever we think of making offers to a prospective client, it can be exciting. Or terrifying. Or both.

I get it. I am super-introverted and I will admit that it used to be very hard for me to get behind my value in such a hardcore way that I was able to actually ask for a sale.

I used to suck at it, in fact.

But then I found out if you don’t make any sales, you don’t make any money. So I had to get better at it. 🙂

And what I did was I found a way that works for ME.

And what’s so cool about it is not only do I feel more confident, but I also super increase my chances of getting a yes because I’ve stopped only offering 2 choices. Here’s what I’m talking about (vid from a recent FB live which still stresses the heck out of me!):

Download my Bronze/Silver/Gold Package Creation Checklist. (My gift to you.)

Basically what’s often going on when we’re trying to enroll a new client is that we offer them something. (Obviously.)

Then they say “yes” or “no” (or sometimes “I have to think about it” or “I have to check with my husband” – which, in case you hadn’t figured this out already, is pretty much always code for “no”).

So if it’s a yes, then yay! But if it’s a no, well, now what?

That’s why I’d like you to consider backing the truck up a little to BEFORE you make that yes/no offer. And instead, I’d like you to think about making a this/this/this offer.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

When you make a yes/no offer, you are putting your prospect in an either/or situation. Are they going to open their wallets for themselves (and you!), or aren’t they?

They are deciding, “Do I commit or no? Do I invest zero dollars or $X dollars? Hmmm. $X is kind of a lot, isn’t it? I don’t know.”

Online Entrepreneurs: Enter the This/This/This Offer

It’s kind of a goofball name I came up with there, but here’s what it means. Instead of offering prospects just the one choice (say yes or bail), try offering them THREE.

…As in “Do you want this or this or this?”

Bronze, silver, or gold?

I am no psychologist but what’s really cool about doing bronze, silver, and gold package offerings is that it tends to shift people’s mindsets from “Do I buy or not?” to “Which one should I buy?”

Nice, right?

So you’re way more likely to make a sale. (And if you’re wondering, people tend to go for the middle package.)

And here’s the other cool thing that happens: For some reason, making 3 offers instead of 1 can up your confidence. Don’t ask me how (like I said, I’m not a psychologist). But my experience has been that when I’m making 3 offers instead of just one, it’s easier for my brain to say, “See, Kathryn? You aren’t just telling him one big-ass number that’s going to shock him. You’re empowering him with choices. People like choices.”

It works for me! Could it work for you too? (Hint: I think yes.)

How do I create packages for my prospects?

Creating packages is easy. I’m not talking about creating 3 whole separate programs (ugh, too much, no thanks). I’m just talking about adding little perks to the bronze package, value-adds, that would complement your core offer.

Don’t worry, I’ve made this simple for you. I have a Package Creation Checklist that I’d love for you to grab below.

By the way, this can also work super well with just 2 choices, like the core offer and then a VIP upgrade, or conversely your core offer and then a downsell. But however you handle it, I strongly recommend giving the this/this/this thing a whirl. Even if you just shoot for your one core offer but have a backup offer in your back pocket in case you get a no, giving people choices is good for them and good for your business, too.

Download my Bronze/Silver/Gold Package Creation Checklist. (My gift to you.)

I really hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you have, please leave me a comment. And I would love it if you spread the word. ?

I appreciate you,


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    Nice work – succinct, well thought-out, useful and useable.
    Take the full 10/10


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