Are you searching for meaning as an online entrepreneur?


Is your business feeding your passion AND your bank account?

If not, why not?

I used to believe that entrepreneurship actually didn’t have much to do with passion. I loved being an entrepreneur but I never stopped to think about what talent I could bring to the table… what entrepreneurial venture could I pursue that would actually light me up inside, beyond just being in business for myself?

These questions are why I am so glad I talked to creative entrepreneur coach Zina Solomon this week about how to turn your passion into profit. Here’s a little sneak-peek of what we talked about:

Join Zina’s free “Soul Based Business Event” right here (and learn how to turn your passion into profit).

So here’s the thing. Being an online entrepreneur is one of those deals where you trade in your 40-hour workweek for a 60-hour workweek.

Why? Because you love it. Because you’re nurturing a passion of yours.

…Eeeeeexcept when you’re not. Being an online entrepreneur can be really tough, especially when we’re doing everything on our own. We started because we were passionate about an idea, but then we get bogged down in the implementation. We’re working too hard, we’re stressed, we feel isolated, we stay in our PJs all day… you get the idea.

Online Entrepreneurs: Here’s How to Grab the Profit and Hang Onto the Passion

I did an interview this week with a lovely fellow entrepreneur named Zina Solomon. Zina’s hosting a free telesummit teaching creative entrepreneurs how to turn their passion into profit.

Zina is a voice actress (I think she’s a model too). I used to dance professionally – don’t remember if I told you that or not – but anyway Zina and I have a lot in common. We are creative people with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Zina has hand-selected a group of over 20+ successful best-selling authors, speakers, healers, coaches, voice actors, artists, and well-known experts in personal development, business, manifestation, and spirituality (including me!) to share our winning strategies to help YOU get clear on your life’s purpose, and profit from your passion and dreams. You can snag your virtual seat by signing up here. The official event start date is the 22nd of May.

Zina is the perfect person to host this series, because she knows exactly what it’s like when you’re not living your purpose … and what it’s like when you are! She started her career in corporate, but following a layoff, Zina lost her identity – because her career was her identity. (Who can relate?!) That experience led her on her own journey of self-discovery, which ultimately resulted in her founding of her own soul-aligned business, Step Into Your Creativity, LLC.

Anyway, here’s what I know: I’ve been an online entrepreneur for a long time, but when I was entrepreneur-ing my way through activities that weren’t aligned with my passion and purpose, I still hated it. Now I love what I do – I seriously love jumping out of bed in the morning, I never thought that was possible – and it’s all because my passion is aligned with how I make my living.

I hope to see you at Zina’s event!

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