Why Your Free Gift Isn’t Working (It’s Not What You Think. Seriously.)

Okay, peeps. I wanted to reach out on this Tuesday night for two reasons:

  1. It’s still Tuesday here – barely – and I committed to posting once a week. So I’m burning the midnight oil, but I’m gettin’ ‘er done!
  2. This whole free gift re-doing and re-jigging and tweaking… it’s gotta stop, fellow online entrepreneurs! Here’s why:

Download 15 Places to Market Your Free Gift/Opt-In Bribe. (My opt-in bribe for you!) <– See how I did that? 😉

So, real quick:

  • Are you ever tempted to change up your free gift because you don’t feel like it’s getting you the opt-ins you want?
  • Do you ever say to yourself, “My list isn’t growing fast enough. I need a better free gift.”
  • Do you look at your free gift and say, “This isn’t good enough, I have a better idea, let’s try this instead.

Here’s what I’m talking about. Bear with me here. Here is the process that someone goes through to actually grab your free gift:

Step 1: You promote your free gift. Facebook Ads, a link on your website, in your blogs, on your business cards, whatever.

Step 2: Person see your promotion and goes to your opt-in page.

Step 3: Person enters their name and email address on your opt-in page in exchange for your free gift.

Step 4: Person receives your free gift in their inbox.

Here’s another way to look at it, for those of you who are visual learners:

Here’s what the above steps tell us as online entrepreneurs who want to get our free gifts out there:

  • The quality of our free gift does not generally affect whether or not someone will opt in for it because they don’t know what the actual content of the free gift will be until they are already on our email list.
  • If our opt-in page does not look very nice, that may be the reason people aren’t giving us their names and email addresses to get our free gift.
  • If we are not promoting our free gift opt-in page enough, there simply is not enough awareness around our free gift, so that is why our list isn’t growing as much as we would like.

Does that make sense, online entrepreneurs? I really hope you see what I’m saying because so often people spin their wheels and stress about getting the perfect free gift together, when really it’s the steps before the free gift that really matter the most.

Sure, if your free gift sucks, it may not get you the clients you want. It may not convert as many of those lookee-loos into paying customers. This is true. In my membership program we go super deep into what your free gift must have in order to maximize the $$$ it makes you. Hey, another blog post idea!

But in the meantime – we’re trying to grow your list here. Right? Right!


Make sense?

Ah, but how do we promote our free gift? Many of us make the mistake of only putting some kind of link on our website and then leaving at at that. Sort of a “build it and they will come” thing. (How has that been working out for ya?)

The good news is that (a) you are not alone if I’m describing you and (b) I have an awesome download for you today, 15 ways to get your freebie out in front of people’s eyeballs so you can grow. that. LIST. Grab it here:

Download 15 Places to Market Your Free Gift/Opt-In Bribe. (My gift to you.)

I really hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you have, please leave me a comment. And I would love it if you spread the word. ?

I appreciate you,



  1. Ellen Hill

    Hi, Kathryn, and thanks for this blog post and video that informs the processes around opt-in freebies. You provide such clarity in your text and video explanations, and the various opt-in freebies that you offer within and at the end of your blog posts!

    I just finished binge-reading several of your blogs, many of which mention your Membership site. Do you still have a Membership site? If Yes, please provide the URL.

    Warmest Thanks!

    • Kathryn Calhoun

      I definitely do still have the membership site Ellen. 🙂 We are closed to new members at the moment but I am planning a special January surprise so please keep an eye on your emails from me. You can also sign up here to get notifications of things like this: https://kathryncalhouncoaching.com/event-over Thanks for the compliments. I love that you binge-read my stuff, you made my day.


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